About Aaron

Hello, my name is Aaron (or A-A-Ron cuz I done messed up – to some). I’m here to help you improve yourself, whether it be your personal style, growing as an individual, or through business basics. Nearly every job I’ve had has been helping others improve their way of life. I’ve done been in many positions from computer repair and development to helping immigrants set up their portfolios for government processing. While enjoyable and gratifying in the long run, these experiences have always been on the backside of the process, never really engaging with the customer and showing my support, just a faceless persona doing their best to solve your problems. I decided to change that by following one of my passions…

Personal development through style and business. I’ve been studying under a good friend and amazing mentor, Ethan Parrish, who is the owner of EP Custom Clothing. This blogging site is one way I can deliver my message to more than those I meet out in the wild, face-to-face networking groups of the Kansas City area. In my free-time I love to travel and explore. I’ve driven through half of the US of A and I have been across the ocean to Japan with plans to venture to more countries and states in the near future. Trying new and exciting things has become one of my passions, and as a result, I have a never-ending bucket list!

‚ÄčIf you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to hit that contact tab and send me a message! I am here to help!