Icon: Conor McGregor



This crazy motha-trucka has been in the social media headlines and the news like crazy whenever he has a fight going on. You know why? Because he is loud. He is bold. He is in your face. One of the things that stand out about Conor McGregor is they way he dresses. From the suit, to the bling, to the shoes, I’m going to decipher his look so that you can replicate or alter your own style to stand out like this crazy fighter.

The Suit

Conor wears nothing but custom clothing. He will spend anywhere between $4,000 to $15,000 on a suit because he wants the best of the best to prove he is that man.  Now I know that this isn’t in everyone’s price range, it certainly isn’t in mine! This is where I’m going to help you out. As a custom clothier, prices for our suits start out at under a $1000 and move well above it, but not nearly to the point Conor pays unless you want handmade bespoke suits. Of course you can go to any mall or big name store to get a suit, but will it be as BOLD or outgoing as this fighting Irishman’s? No, you’ll get the humdrum plain greys, blacks, and navies. If you want big bright patterns, or awesome windowpanes, you’re going to have to walk away from the Men’s Wearhouses and Macy’s and the JC Penney’s and into someone who designs and works directly with fabric mills to get the best selection that fits you. Another option would be M-T-M sites, like Indochino for example, though the return rate on these sites is ridiculous because sizing issues and it may take three returns to get your fit right. Wearing a suit that fits this well helps generate that outgoing personality. A suit that fits correctly will get you noticed more than one that doesn’t. The colors he sports in his clothing generate the awareness, it grabs peoples attention, and it brings you to the forefront of the crowd.

The Accessories

What bling and pop do you see on this Irish Gent? The typical pocket square and tie, sure. Those are easy to come by. Just make sure the fabrics do NOT match exactly. Something I cannot stress enough! Your pocket square/handkerchief should have some colors from your tie in it, but also should coordinate a little with your shirt. Makes your outfit really pop and give off a sense of creativity. What else does he wear? A lapel pin! These are classy and not often seen. They are relatively inexpensive and absolutely stand out in a crowd! You can grab some from Amazon for cheap, or even find some handmade ones through Instagram or Etsy.  There are some super creative people out there that make these and often are found for under $20.  More accessories? He wears a tie clip (like you should with any two piece suit) and cuff links. Both are also inexpensive and can be found on Amazon. I do sell custom cuff links if that is something that suits your fancy. From gear parts to hockey lovers, all for under a hundred bucks.

The Watch

I left this separate from the accessories category because it deserves a place all on it’s own. The watches Conor McGregor wears are ridiculously expensive and showy. He is a huge fan of the Rolex brand, often showing off his diamond encrusted chronographs. So while spending $18,000 to $35,000 is out of most people’s price range, there are other affordable options that are just as flashy. I do carry an assortment of men’s dress watches that range from $300 to $500. You can spring for Citizen or Seiko for a similar price too. Each watch is big and in-you-face gold or rosegold to show off his power and wealth.


The Shoes

Most of the time this UFC fighter is seen working some fashion sneakers or loafers, depending on how formal he wants to be. There are a lot of low-end brands that put out some amazing fashion sneakers. For example, Stan Smith Adidas seem to be the go-to fashion sneaker of the last few years. Adidas has some great low-rise sneakers that are comfortable and affordable. Converse have always been a good shoe to snag, and if you’re going to wear it with a suit then I suggest going with a plain white or black. Simple is stylish in this case. Dress shoes have been all over the place with Conor though, from suede to cordovan – blacks, browns, and all kinds of hand-painted patinas. That is something I can help out with for those looking for a custom look. Handmade and hand painted shoes for about $400 and can craft a belt to match.

The Swagger

It takes some serious confidence to pull off a look like McGregor wears, but it can be done! Belief in yourself goes a long way. Dressing sharp definitely promotes a positive outlook and builds up your confidence and composure. When you dress sexy, you feel sexy. It is time to step into the ring and become brazen and bold. Are you ready?

Top Picks from Amazon for my Conor McGregor style (minus suit):