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Knowing an extraordinary amount of short men has given me a front row seat to how poorly department store clothes fit.  Most department stores and online stores base their clothing on the average sized man. Unfortunately, not everyone is the same height and body proportions are totally different on everyone. This leaves with you swimming in clothes that are too big, rolling up pants or stepping on them, and shirts that are extremely long, leaving you looking smaller than you are. So, in lieu of that, I’m here to help out.


Obviously, the way your clothes fit can make a drastic difference in how tall you appear.  Tailoring is KEY to fit, but that can get expensive. So, either learning to tailor (good skill to have honestly) or finding a good clothing distributor (can be equally as hard).  Sure, you could go to a custom clothier like us, but that could be as expensive as getting everything tailored, unless you’re buying from designer brands, then you’re probably paying about the same for clothes that actually fit like they should. An alternative that I’ve found is Peter Manning. The website gives sizes based off of your height and weight. From research and YouTube videos, the fit is spot on.

Peter Dinklage in Esquire March 2014


Colors, contrasts, and patterns, all play a big part in appearance. You’ll want to avoid cutting your body in half, figuratively and literally. As a shorter guy, you’ll want to avoid high contrast clothing. Now, I’m not saying go crazy monochromatic…Avoid outfits like- white shirts with black slacks. Navy and grey is a great combo, white and tan, pink and light grey are all amazing combos. If you want to wear black slacks, pick a semi dark color to match with it. When it comes to patterns there is that big mantra everyone likes to repeat, “horizontal lines make you look wider, vertical strips make you look taller”, but that doesn’t go far enough. You don’t want massive stripes, they will make you look smaller. A smaller, denser pattern will do the opposite. Compact patterns will enhance your height and size.


Avoid large accessories like the plague. Massive watches make you look small and weak, that’s never a good thing. A slender watch, with a smaller face is perfect. With ties, avoid large knots, bulky and massive knots will dwarf your neck. A 4-in-hand knot on a standard sized tie is a perfect complement to you. Belts! They split your body in half, helping to enforce your smaller proportions. Steer clear of big buckles. Suspenders are classic and great for insinuating that vertical line. I suggest KK&Jay, high quality and great design. Definitely opt for button suspenders. Matching leathers (leather on suspenders, watch band, shoes) is a good idea.

For an amazing short style guru, I suggest Aaron Marino over at the Alpha M. Project, or an amazing guy at The Modest Man. Both have great YouTube channels and personal blogs.


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