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Floppy Collar Syndrome (FCS)

This is a problem I still see in the world today: Floppy Collar Syndrome… Flat, unattractive, floppy, sloppy collars. THERE IS HOPE! I’ve tried three products that may help you cure your ailments without medical assistance! Today’s products are Aaron Marino’s Fashion Anchor, David Frankel’s Perky Collar, and the Stiff Collar Stay (Collar Shaper).  Let’s find out which is the best fit for you below.

Fashion Anchor

Now, I will admit that I am an Aaron Marino (Alpha M.) fanboy. I am an avid watcher of his YouTube channel, met him down in Atlanta at StyleCon 2017, and buy his products (Tiege Hanley and Pete and Pedro). He has been on Shark Tank a few times now with his super outgoing personality definitely shining through and garnering attention from the judges. Dude works his butt off, no lie.

The Fashion Anchor was not Alpha M.’s brain child though. He became a business partner when he liked the idea, and after a few years of it going off and on the shelves and production, Alpha inherited the product. So, here is how you apply and use The Fashion Anchor:

Everything with this product started off great! It’s essentially a fabric glue dot designed to not damage the fabric of the clothing. The video Aaron created showed it being used for open dress shirts, dress shirts with ties, and polo shirts. Unfortunately…. It’s awful. 36 dots come in the package; it’s a bit expensive, and the most saddening part: they don’t stick for long. After some moving around and an hour later, they release and lose their ability to stick to your shirt. Disposable and sticks to your fingers all right, shirts not so much though. I had high hopes for another amazing product, but was let down hard on these.

Rating: 1/5

Perky Collar

Let’s jump to the Perky Collar. I did get to meet David Frankel at StyleCon 2017 and we bought a few of his products to sell here in Kansas City. Super nice guy, also was on Shark Tank I believe. This is a super simple product made of plastic, keeps it’s shape, and you forget it’s even there.

Absolutely love this product. Keeps my collars up, no problem! It’s clear plastic, so you don’t spot it up close. Only downsides to Perky Collar is that it only comes in one size. If your collar is below 15.5 inches, then it will poke out of your collar opening. The Perky Collar is great for standard and semi short collar sizes, and polo shirts. It’s affordable and you only ever need one. Perky LLC is on track to offer new items including: holeless belts (think Mission or Anson belts) and a pocket square holder.

Rating: 3/5 (only one size is a big issue)

Stiff Collar Stay

The Stiff Collar Stay or Collar Shaper (as it’s printed on the product) is probably my favorite FCS solver so far.  I found this on Amazon -I’ll link all the products below so you can try them yourself- and ordered it the same day I ordered the Fashion Anchors to compare and see which I liked the best. Needless to say, I don’t use the Fashion Anchors anymore, I carry them to give out to people I meet to help them look more presentable during networking events.

This “Collar Shaper” has adjustable legs for taller and shorter collars, is thin and nearly unnoticeable, and you can order them to your collar size! This has made me super excited. Definitely a must have for polo shirts and dress shirts (men and women) that you like to leave open without a tie.

Rating: 5/5

Here are the links to the products. Go – and be stylish my friends.

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