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Product Review: The BaKblade

The do-it-yourself back hair shaver…Amazing idea and decent product. So based on my genetics, (the greatest genetics, because my parents are rock-stars *in their own way, not actual rock-stars*) I – like a lot of men in the world- have back hair. Some of us deal with it and ignore it, others try to remove it…or have someone do it for them. That form of removal often comes in stretching and reaching with a normal razor/hair trimmer, our significant others, or laser hair removal. Save yourself the aches and pains of reaching around and missing clumps of hair, cuts, and nicks. Prevent that minor embarrassment of asking your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend to shave it for you (and the fun designs they might carve into your back hair as payback). Save yourself some money on that laser surgery that might not actually work half the time, unless you’re into going through 30 sessions and it eventually growing back…


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The BaKblade, how I’ve fallen in love with your long slender handle, wide blade, and easy-to-replace blade holster… On a more serious note: I’m a bachelor. I have nobody to ask, nor would I want to. The long handle with angle blade makes it super simple and easy to remove all my back hair. I have not nicked/cut/gashed myself once with it in the 7 uses the blade has given me so far. I’m not craning my neck and straining to reach every part of my backside to make sure I don’t miss a spot. Now, I am not a dry-shave kind of guy, but according to the company, you can use it for dry and wet shaves – no shaving cream required. I haven’t used shaving cream at all for this, just suds in the shower and go at it.

4-inch snap-in blades, easy to replace


There aren’t too many cons as it is a simple product. The cons are the ones you get from shaving anywhere else on your body really. Some people have issues with ingrown hairs or razor burn, but that can be remedied with lotion or moisturizers, which I highly recommend using anyway. There are a few reviews that talk about scrapes, nicks, and cuts, but that’s bound to happen with any razor you use to shave with. Personally haven’t had any bad luck with that aspect.


Conclusion and Rating:


I do love this back shaver, extremely helpful and easy to work with. There are things that can be changed like better storage and maybe a folding handle. Some attachments would be nice to have. So I looked into it and did the research so you don’t have to! Apparently there is a kickstarter for Bakblade 2.0! When it comes out, I’ll make sure to give it a full test and review it here for you guys! Here is the link for v2.0.

If you try it and love it or hate it, leave a comment! Let me know what you think of this product!

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