Here Comes the Groom

We all know that this is the Bride’s special day, but who says you can’t share the spotlight? Your bride-to-be gets a gorgeous gown to walk down the aisle in, and you end up stuck with a shabby, big, ugly suit that you rent from the nationwide suit retail store – you know the one I’m talking about.  That black tuxedo with a bright colored vest. The high contrast and ill-fitting suit is just a big eyesore on your wedding day. Not only you get stuck with it, your whole crew has to wear them. Half the time the suits you rent are delivered late and they aren’t the size you needed. I’ve read plenty of those horror stories, and witnessed a few at friends weddings. (Personally glad I wasn’t one of the wedding party.) Allow me to show you the alternative. Let’s start with what kind of suit you are in need of.

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The Tuxedo

The classic wedding outfit. Nothing says class and style or screams “Bond, James Bond,” like a tuxedo does. Believe it or not, tuxedos come in more than just black or white. They come in every color, some with texture and patterns, and damn are they gorgeous. The three major lapels all look amazing with this (shawl, peak, and notch. For more on those click here.) Bow-ties are definitely the go-to option, make sure it’s a hand-tied version and not the clasp. They are super easy to tie and give off that upper echelon feel.

Tuxedos are perfect for that grand ballroom or modern and classy atmosphere. Probably not something you’d wear with a rustic or barn theme. Probably wouldn’t wear this outside under the sun, unless you like to melt that is. The environment plays a huge part in what you should wear at your wedding. Consider this: It’s a gorgeous day out, not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is sitting at a steady 75°F (~24°C). The sun is beating down on you in your dark colored tuxedo, absorbing all the sun’s rays and heat. Typically you’d be wearing a vest or cummerbund underneath, adding that unnecessary extra layer. Next thing you know you’re sweating up a storm and all you can think about is getting the ceremony over with and moving into the shade or A/C. Not a good setting right? So in cooler climate or climate controlled rooms would be best for the tuxedo. As for buying a tux, think of how often you might wear it. More times than she would wear that wedding dress I hope. There are all kinds of events that go on that are considered “Black Tie optional” and they would be the perfect place to show off. If you enjoy the opera or theater, why not dress up for it? Masquerades are probably my favorite events to look suave and debonair, yet mysterious behind a mask. Not to mention that beautiful wife on your arm!

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The Tropical

In tropical weather, there are a few options that you can keep cool with. Seersucker is one option, but that is usually reserved for derby days and not worn in weddings usually. Another option is opting out of the jacket and just wearing slacks and a waistcoat/vest. For a sexy and super casual look, roll up the sleeves and bear those forearms. If you want a jacket, I’d suggest going for linen. I suggest a linen and wool blend as it doesn’t wrinkle as easy. Linen breathes easy and is airy, perfect for the outdoor wedding scene. Linen suits are the best summer suit option and great for destination weddings or the tropical honeymoon. The fabric comes in a variety of patterns and colors so options are endless. I would suggest either open collar or a linen hand-tied bow-tie. The bow-tie would be a classy look and keeps the texture and airiness for the cool feel.

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The Funky

I refer to these as “The Funky Look” mostly because they aren’t typically worn as a wedding suit, but definitely give off that high fashion, fun, eccentric, stylish feel. I definitely recommend a windowpane or Glenn Check for a fresh and new feeling. It breathes life into the growing relationship and definitely gives off the feel of taking the next step in life. The best way to pull of this look is with a custom suit, off-the-rack or renting will ruin the look if the suit doesn’t fit right, it becomes more noticeable with a pattern. If patterns aren’t for you, maybe a solid true blue or brown. Could always get fancy with embroidery on the lapels. Brown is a great fall color for a suit. Wool is perfect for cool climates like spring, fall, and indoors. Perfect combination with those rustic and barn style weddings, or off-the-wall settings with jazzy or fun atmosphere. Funky is a great all-around look for most occasions and can hold it’s own for non-wedding affairs to make the suit you buy worth the money. Your tie and accessories can be very versatile in setting off this outfit.

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The Formal

Formal doesn’t always mean “Tuxedo.” Formal can mean the classic suit with a great fabric, great weight, and drapes off your body; giving that sleek, important VIP appearance. You can guarantee to be among the best dressed in any room with a classic formal suit. Not only that, it fits most occasions ranging to fancy dinners with your new wife or husband to business meetings and dinner with the corporate CEOs. It’s a high-end look that is subtle but eye-catching at the same time. In addition, this is also versatile enough to give yourself a choice of ties and accessories. For accessories such as watches and cuff-links, I suggest giving J.Ciro Watches a look. These double as great groomsmen and best man gifts. They come with free cleanings and battery replacements. If you are undecided on what appearance you should have for your wedding, I would default to a formal suit like this one.

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Shirts and Linings

We have a wide variety of patterns for shirts, linings, ties, and pocket squares for your big day. These are great ways to match your partner’s colors of choice for the ceremony. They can be hidden under the jacket, or peak out of your pocket for that small-but-bold touch. Make sure your tie and pocket square aren’t the same pattern, you want to compliment, not match here. Linings can be put on the back of your vest, so when you’re at the reception and your jacket is weighing you down on the dance floor, you will awe the audience with your stylish choices. Prepare for all the compliments!

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